About the Eleventh Chapter

“Have you felt an inexplicable thread of loneliness in your life? I have. Didn’t matter what relationship I was in or how great my friends were. I always had a sense of not belonging. Always. Until I found writing. Suddenly, I had a purpose that meant something to me and author friends who get me in a way no one ever has. I found my community, and this whole ride has been one fabulous, rewarding, fulfilling journey.” 

– Kerry Chaput, award-winning author of historical fiction and historical fantasy.

Community is everything. 

This is how The Eleventh Chapter began. The idea to gather a group of women authors to support each other in the tough world of publishing. We envisioned a safe space for advice on marketing, querying, and publishing, vital skills in today’s competitive industry.

With over 4 million new titles annually, the pressure to sell is on every author, whether traditionally published or DIY. Despite the challenges, we’re writers because we love storytelling and the joy our books bring. We believe that joining forces with fellow authors amplifies our achievements and fosters a sense of community.

The Eleventh Chapter comprises eight women writers from the US and Canada, spanning various genres. We’re excited to share our stories and spread the message of support and collective empowerment.

“Talked to a writer friend yesterday about the book process. The pain, internal agony, stress, and insecurity. Then she asked, so are you excited to be doing it again? My answer: Absolutely!” – Julee Balko, debut author of The Things We Keep

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