Caitlin Moss

Caitlin Moss is the author of six novels, including the Amazon Best-Selling women’s fiction novel, Sixteen Summers. She is a graduate of the Edward R Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University. She has been published in North Park News and The San Diego Metropolitan Magazine. She is a writer turned stay-at-home-mom turned author and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, and two golden doodles.


The Cracks Between Us


It was intoxicating. Thrilling. It was so unlike her. Aila was always a good wife. Never reckless. Always faithful. Until she wasn’t.

Aila Sorenson doesn’t know what happened to her marriage. She actively participated in building the life she and her husband, Ben, created but she no longer recognizes herself when she remembers the role she dreamt up fifteen years ago.

While Ben has been building a successful career as an attorney in Seattle, Aila has remained in the shadows taking care of their home and tending to their children while struggling to find a balance between the monotony and the chaos. They appear to be shining pillars of marital perfection—attending church on Sundays, volunteering, and surpassing every expectation society has of them—but deep down, Aila knows their marriage is crumbling. She often wonders if Ben even realizes it.

When Aila unexpectedly runs into someone from her past, the illusion she and Ben created begins to shatter. While many merely wonder about the road not taken, Aila runs down it full-speed. After months of authentic and insatiable passion, Aila rivals her devotion against her desires and must decide which one is worth fighting for.

Not Mine To Love


NOT MINE TO LOVE is a companion novel to THE CRACKS BETWEEN US.

Jackson Williams never thought he’d see Aila Smith again…Aila Sorenson, that is. And he certainly never thought everything would unfold the way it did.

Now, in the aftermath of their affair, Jackson is alone and wondering if love isn’t meant for everyone, even as he tries to fall for someone new. As the ripple effect of his mistakes shoots through his life, everything around him starts to unravel.

The deeper he gets in the mess he’s made, the more he realizes love simply doesn’t last forever. But some love stays with you, long after you let it go.

Yours to Love



Camilla Donahue has sworn off all of the above.

When you’ve been married to someone like Callum Anderson for seven years, you understand why.

Six months after her divorce, she has returned to her home state of Washington from California with their five-year-old daughter, Becca, eager to find herself again.

Instead, she finds Jackson Williams, her parents’ landscaper and the local heartthrob. She pretends she isn’t attracted to him. But a dinner, a hike, and a kiss distract her from every rule she’s created to protect her heart.

She tells herself it’s nothing. Casual. Just fun. That’s what they agreed to. But soon, they find themselves on the cusp of something more. When his past creeps to the surface and her own insecurities and damage get in the way, Camilla has to decide who she will fight for: her relationship or herself?

YOURS TO LOVE is a companion novel to NOT MINE TO LOVE.

Sixteen Summers

Women’s Fiction

Tabitha’s entire life came undone because of a simple, mundane errand.

Now left a young, widowed mother with two boys, she has to pick up the pieces of the life she created with her husband, Tate.

But there are too many reminders. Too many memories. Too much of Tate woven into the world around her. Tragedy stole Tate from her and yet, he is everywhere.

A year later, consumed with grief and exhausted from going through the motions, Tabitha uproots her family to live in a small, fishing town on the Oregon Coast. She hopes to find healing and the fresh start they all need. She could never anticipate what would find her.

To The Grave

Women’s Fiction

Three friends.
A lifetime of secrets.

No one knows you like your friends. At least, Emma, Steph, and Quinn have proven that time and time again. But as betrayals and life-altering revelations unfold, their friendship will be changed for the better. But also, for the worse.

Emma is ninety days away from being officially divorced and is thrown into the hilarious trenches of dating as a single mom. Steph’s life is completely thought out and stable—the husband, the kids, the ten-year-plan—but a secret looming over her marriage threatens to cause irreparable harm. Quinn has no desire to be conventional, and unapologetically storms through life until her future hitches on one detrimental diagnosis.

They know every hurt. Every disappointment. Every dream. Every secret they’ve ever kept. But secrets can’t stay hidden forever, no matter who is keeping them.

You First


He’s her brother’s best friend…
…she’s his biggest regret.

Genevieve Michaels didn’t realize how much emotional preparation she needed to do for her brother’s wedding. But when Leo Bishop walks into the bar five days before the big day, she’s reminded of exactly why she can’t stand her brother’s best friend…and exactly why she plans to steer clear of him all week.

But within minutes, Leo and Genevieve are back to their usual childish antics. They grew up together, and they have a lot in their love for basketball and her brother, along with their innate ability to pick a fight with each other. But not this week. This week Genevieve is determined to play nice and avoid him as much as possible.

When wedding chaos ensues, Leo and Genevieve are forced to work together to ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch. As they eliminate each disaster, they uncover all the reasons they can’t stand each other, and all the reasons they once thought it could be love.

A World Without You


Five years ago, Olivia Baker was snowed in and stranded in a small town, unable to make it back to the city for Christmas. Five days later, she broke up with her corporate boyfriend in Seattle and made the rash decision to stay in the small town, promising to save the local paper and fall in love with the rugged country boy who knew how to sling an ax and make her weak in the knees.

Now, five years later, she’s miserable signing divorce papers and wanting back the life she had before that Christmas. But when she goes to sleep at night, a new world wakes up, and she gets to learn what would happen if she lived in a world with the man whose heart she broke five years ago on Christmas Eve.

Armed with her beloved camera, her childhood friend, Bennett Holland, and glimpses of what could have been, Olivia has to wade through the Christmas season as she rediscovers herself and rectifies a love she’s been missing for years. But as it starts to fall apart in the parallel universe, Olivia has to realize if they were never meant to be or simply meant for a second chance in a different world.

Familiar Stranger


A novella.

Two weddings.
One divorce.
The perfect fake date.

Anna McKinley, the black sheep of her family, faces the embarrassment of attending her younger sister’s wedding alone after breaking off her engagement last year. But after a couple of glasses of wine with a handsome stranger, they concoct a plan for him to help her save face by attending the wedding as her date. Complete with a fake name and an irresistible first date story, she and “Isaac” embark on an innocent con that turns into a magical night.

Fast forward twelve years, Anna still wound up the average statistic: married with two kids, living in the suburbs, and a husband asking her for a divorce. Even though the divorce is a long time coming, she and her husband decide to keep up appearances during her niece’s wedding, hiding their marriage’s doom from friends and family.

As each wedding progresses, Anna realizes how easy it is to fall in love… especially when she’s faking it.